Finish Your Project Faster with CodeIgniter

Finish Your Project Faster with CodeIgniter

Coders and software developers are always on the hunt for something new, something that will make their job of developing websites and html easier. And why wouldn’t they? Coding is no easy task. It’s more than just inputting lines of alphanumeric characters on a blank screen and expecting results to show up. It’s hard work.

CodeIgniter helps make that hard work a little less hard.

CodeIgniter is a web framework software that uses PHP to help develop websites. It’s open-source, which means it can be used by anyone for any purpose. It was first released on February 28th, 2006, by EllisLab.

Here are a few reasons why CodeIgniter is the best web development software out there:

1. Simple and easy to understand: Especially for new users or coders, CI is easy to use and not complex at all. In comparison to other software, CI is the quickest to be learned and can help you change your website’s framework and write new libraries without any real effort.  Here is an overview.

2. Multi-functional: CI comes with a number of built-in libraries, like email, validation, uploading, sessions and calendar. You can also create your own libraries so that facilitating cookies, strings or forms is easier than ever.

3. Helpful community: The best thing about open-source software is that there are always other users out there. In CI’s case, there are over 57,000 registered users on the forums. This makes Q&A sessions extremely convenient. Finding an answer to your question has never been easier!

4. Documentation: Documentation is very important when it comes to coding frameworks. CI takes it one step forward and provides documentation from a company and not just its users, making it all the more helpful.

5. Excellent security: Encryption of cookies, handling session data and dealing with SQL queries is so simple! You never have to worry about security when it comes to building your app, because CI takes care of it all by itself.

However, CodeIgniter does come with its share of cons. New versions take a long time to be developed and released, which can hinder development progress for many users. There is always scope for improvement in the libraries and framework, especially as the years go by. There’s no built-in ORM (object-relational mapping).

At the end of the day, it’s all about comparing the pros with the cons. CodeIgniter definitely has more of the former than the latter. Make sure this framework is economical for you, and if it is, go for it. You won’t regret your decision.

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